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    Cheekbone injections in Bordeaux by Dr Slodzian

    When you visit an aesthetic doctor, one of the first injections they recommend is cheekbone injections. Why inject them? What does it do for the face? How do you keep it natural?


    The role of cheekbones in the face

    The cheekbones make up most of the middle third of the face. They form the boundary with the lower third. They are made up of several superficial and, above all, deep fat compartments. In aesthetic medicine, the latter are of particular interest. They provide support for the facial muscles, which contract and allow the face to lift when we smile. Among the most important are the medial and lateral deep malar cheek fat pad, and the medial and lateral SOOF (suborbicularis oculi fat).

    When cheekbones are pronounced, they give the face a rounded appearance. The face is more dynamic, livelier and gives the impression of good health.


    Point cheekbones catch the light.

    Cheekbones are an anchor for the eyes, because their volume catches the light. That's why certain make-up techniques, such as contouring, seek to accentuate their fleshy appearance, and why red is used. So we're unconsciously trying to highlight them. There's a good reason for this: in the collective imagination, they reflect good health. What's more, full cheekbones reinforce the friendliness of a smile. We all have in mind the image of a smiling Buddha.


    Volume loss with age

    As we age, the volume of the cheekbones tends to diminish, causing them to sag. The main phenomenon responsible is the melting of deep fat. Fat support is lost. Cheekbones tend to droop, forming the valley of tears (the hollow in the middle of the face) and marking the nasolabial folds.

    This gives the impression of a tired face.


    Cheekbones for men and women

    • A woman's cheekbones

    Female cheekbones are essentially central at the junction between the anterior part of the zygomatic bone and the malar bone.

    • Men's cheekbones

    They are more lateral in relation to the zygomatic bone.


    The top model look

    The top model look is ahyaluronic acid injection to mark the cheekbones in both the central and lateral areas.

    The principle is to create a relief that slightly hollows the cheek and better defines the boundary between the middle and lower thirds of the face. The aim is to capture light and contour the face using injections.


    Cheekbone injection to redefine the oval of the face

    Injections of hyaluronic acid into the cheekbones can also redefine the oval of the face. In fact, they restore tension to the facial skin. The effect is that of a medical facelift. The mandibular line is reshaped. If required, we can perform jawline contouring to further enhance oval definition if the face is very saggy.


    Cheekbone injection to reduce nasolabial folds

    Nasolabial folds are the result of facial sagging and the melting of deep fat, sagging facial skin and ligaments. They then form bulges. By injecting hyaluronic acid into the cheekbone support points, the cheekbones are tightened. Combined with hyaluronic acid injections in the nasolabial folds offers a comprehensive and effective treatment for nasolabial folds.



    Injecting hyaluronic acid into the cheekbones is an essential step in the overall management of aesthetic medicine. It revitalizes the face, provides points of traction and restores volume, thus brightening the face.

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