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    Phototherapy, or light therapy, is sometimes described as "magic" because of its many applications and benefits. However, in medicine, there's no such thing as magic, and the indications for LED phototherapy have been validated by a growing number of scientific studies.

    What is phototherapy?

    It's a form of light therapy, also known as LED treatment, because it's emitted by LEDs. Just like a laser. The difference is that lasers deliver energy and cause heating. LEDs use the color properties of light, so they don't heat up or burn.

    Each wavelength - which determines the color of light - has specific properties:

    • Red stimulates cells and healing

    Red light - which is most commonly used in aesthetic medicine - stimulates the mitochondria (the cells' generators, providing them with energy), which then produce more energy. The cells then get back to work and - in the case of fibroblasts, for example - produce collagen and elastic fibers.

    • Infrared has antioxidant properties and improves skin microcirculation. Studies also report a beneficial effect on muscle recovery. Muscle tears and tendonitis are treated. According to studies, there is an improvement in muscular performance when used 48 hours before and after muscular effort.
    • Yellow also acts on micro-circulation, toning skin muscles.
    • Blue has a bactericidal, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory action on the sebaceous glands (responsible for sebum production), useful foracne, for example.

    Phototherapy is the use of these properties for medical purposes.

    When should LED phototherapy be used?

    Because of its beneficial effects on multiple targets, its use is very wide-ranging. Here are just a few examples:

    • Facial radiance, single session or protocol
    • Stretch mark treatment
    • Scar treatment, either preventively - after surgery, for example - or for old scars
    • Optimization of muscular performance, muscle recovery - particularly interesting in preparation for a sports competition.
    • Treatment ofacne and acne scars
    • Treatment ofalopecia and hair loss.

    LEDs are also used to optimize other treatments and act synergistically:

    • combined with a peel, it enhances skin regeneration,
    • combined with mesotherapy for the treatment of alopecia, it enhances the effects of the active ingredients,
    • combined with micro-needling, stimulates LED regenerative action with a mechanical-chemical effect,

    The only contraindication is a history of epilepsy.

    Is it painful?

    No. There's a sensation of gentle warmth, nothing else. It's thanks to this characteristic that it can be used without any risk on black skin.

    Is there any social eviction?

    No. On the contrary. You can use a radiance-boosting treatment before going out to dinner or a party, for example. The face is then "de-fatigued" almost instantly.

    How does an LED phototherapy session work?

    You are seated as comfortably as possible for 10 to 30 minutes. Opaque eye protection is mandatory. You can bring along a music playlist and headphones, and let yourself be carried away - or carried away, as it's not uncommon to fall asleep.

    How often should I use LED phototherapy?

    The minimum is 1 session per week. However, 2 to 3 sessions per week are recommended. The average number of sessions for a protocol is between 8 and 10. Depending on the indication or response, it may be necessary to extend or shorten the protocol.

    So what are the advantages and disadvantages of LED phototherapy?

    Advantages :

    • risk-free
    • natural effect
    • suitable for all skin types, including black skin
    • painless
    • reinforces care

    Disadvantages :

    • The frequency of care can be restrictive

    In conclusion

    Light therapy is an excellent, simple and effective treatment tool, backed up by numerous studies. It is an excellent complement to aesthetic and medical treatments.

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