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    Lip augmentation

    It's the art of beautifying lips with hyaluronic acid.

    Lip plumping has never been so fashionable or so easy. With his extensive training and expertise, Dr. Slodzian, a physician at Aparté Esthetique, masters a wide range of techniques, from the most classic to the famous Russian lips. He'll advise you according to your goals, your face and the shape of your lips to get the lips you want.

    It's a simple, effective and safe procedure. Injecting the lips with hyaluronic acid can also erase wrinkles around the mouth.
    The key is to adapt to your desires and age.

    lips aesthetic medicine bordeaux aparté doctor slodzian
    wrinkle filling aesthetic medicine bordeaux aparté doctor slodzian

    Filling dark circles

    Rejuvenate your eyes by filling in hollow circles.

    Hollow circles are not necessarily a sign of fatigue. If you've had enough of people telling you that you look tired, the solution may be to fill in the hollows with hyaluronic acid injections. However, this is a delicate procedure that can only be performed by trained doctors. In fact, not all dark circles can benefit from an injection, as there is a risk of causing puffiness.

    Here we explain everything you need to know about dark circle injections.

    Aesthetic contouring

    Contouring to feminize the face

    A well-known make-up technique, contouring can also be achieved with hyaluronic acid.

    Like contouring make-up, the principle of aesthetic contouring is to highlight facial features such as cheekbones, jawline and chin. Hyaluronic acid injections allow you to build on the natural contours of your face for a personalized result.

    hyaluronic acid aesthetic medicine bordeaux aparté doctor slodzian
    face Contouring aesthetic medicine bordeaux aparté doctor slodzian

    Contouring to masculinize a face

    Strengthening the masculine features of the face, particularly the chin and jawline, gives or restores a more dynamic, defined appearance. The result is a more masculine impression, in keeping with all the representations we have of him.

    Reshaping the oval of the face

    The facial oval defines the contours of the face. It can sag with age, or be poorly defined due to excess weight, a short mandible or receding chin. Whether the technique is called jawling, jawline contouring or oval restoration, the injection principle is much the same: accentuate the edges of the mandible, reinforce the mandibular angles and sometimes slightly project the chin.

    contouring hyaluronic acid

    Medical rhinoplasty

    Medical rhinoplasty makes it possible to reshape the nose without surgery, thanks to expertly placed hyaluronic acid injections. Whether it's raising the tip of the nose, refining it or smoothing out a bump on the nose, many aesthetic flaws can be corrected - without, of course, enlarging the nose. The advantage is that there's no need to avoid social contact, and the effect is both immediate and long-lasting.

    Dr. Slodzian is an expert in medical rhinoplasty. See examples on our page.

    rhinoplasty aesthetic medicine bordeaux aparté doctor slodzian

    Wrinkle treatment

    hyaluronic acid injections bordeaux aparté esthétique

    Erase facial wrinkles

    There are a number of treatments available to erase facial wrinkles. They depend on the cause, depth and area of the wrinkles. There's a treatment for every wrinkle. Find out how to erase wrinkles according to their cause.


    Radiofrequency is a technology that tightens collagen fibers and stimulates their production. It is indicated for mild to moderate sagging of the skin. Particularly interesting in combination with other treatments, it is risk-free and painless. At L'Aparté, we use BTL's Exilis, a particularly effective monopolar radiofrequency.

    radiofrequency Bordeaux
    What treatment for nasolabial folds?

    Treatment of nasolabial folds

    Filling nasolabial folds is one of the most frequent requests in aesthetic medicine. Indeed, they are often the first signs of aging we see in the mirror. They are actually the consequence of facial sagging and expression lines. Depending on their severity, there are a number of solutions for diminishing these furrows, ranging from simple fillers to cosmetic surgery, tightening threads or a more comprehensive treatment of sagging skin.

    Skin quality

    acne scars aesthetic medicine bordeaux aparté doctor slodzian

    Erase acne scars

    Acne scars can be a source of embarrassment and social awkwardness. They can be ice-pick deep, form bumps on the skin or even cause redness. Their treatment consists in restarting the healing process that stopped when the skin closed. The principle is to stimulate collagen production through microdermabrasions of varying depths and types. These are performed with a sub-ablative laser (as opposed to the CO2 laser, which is ablative and causes severe social eviction), Lase®, microneedling fractionated radiofrequency, and morpheus 8, possibly combined with skin boosters.

    Erase brown spots on the skin

    Brown spots on the skin appear with age and the stresses inflicted on the skin: sun, UV, tobacco, pollution. They take on different forms and names depending on their cause and depth. These include lentigos or sun spots, also known as age spots, melasma and the mask of persistent pregnancy. To erase them, we have several options: laser, IPL (intense pulsed light) or peelings. Each of these treatments has its own indication depending on the type of brown spot.

    Treatment of skin tags in Bordeaux by Dr Slodzian
    face aesthetic medicine bordeaux aparté doctor slodzian

    Pixel peel: microneedling and TCA combined

    Pixel peeling is a peeling technique that combines TCA peeling with microneedling. The aim is to make the TCA penetrate more deeply to achieve a medium peel. It is used for stubborn scars in conjunction with other treatments such as laser sessions.


    The principle of peeling is in its name. It involves peeling the skin. Peels can be performed at different depths: superficial, medium or deep. Different acids are used, depending on the desired depth and effect. We distinguish between :

    • Fruit acid peels: these are superficial and, depending on the fruit acid used, can be used to treat blemishes, acne or simply to tighten the skin;
    • TCA peels, which are superficial to medium (papillary dermis) and have a more intense action. They are better suited to more mature skin.
    • phenol peels, which are deep and highly effective for certain indications. On the other hand, the after-effects are very heavy, and the significant social exclusion they entail means that we do not perform them in our practice.
    facial care bordeaux aparté esthétique
    aesthetic medicine treatment bordeaux aparté doctor slodzian

    Mesolift: anti-aging mesotherapy

    Mesolift is the combination of skin boosters and microneedling. It is an anti-aging mesotherapy that moisturizes and tightens the skin. Particularly interesting after the summer to force skin to regenerate. As the skin is attacked by the sun, vitamin-rich, anti-oxidant skinboosters eliminate free radicals, while microneedling stimulates collagen production and repair.

    Treatment of facial rosacea

    Couperose forms red spots on the face in the form of small vessels. It causes facial redness of varying extent. It may be associated with erythrosis. In aesthetic medicine, we treat couperose with an IPL laser or sometimes with the Nd/YAG laser.

    Laser couperose Bordeaux at l'Aparté

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