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    hyaluronic acid penoplasty Bordeaux


    Medical nymphoplasty

    With a university certificate in intimate aesthetic medicine, Dr. Slodzian performs medical nymphoplasty, in which hyaluronic acid is used to increase the volume of the labia majora. This allows the labia minora to be covered and protected, as is their normal role.

    Overly large labia minora are an increasingly common complaint. This can lead to vaginal dryness and even complexes. The most common cause is atrophy of the labia majora. This vaginal dryness can itself be the cause of pain during intercourse.
    Medical nymphoplasty is used to treat atrophy of the labia majora or to compensate for overly large labia minora.

    medical nymphoplasty doctor slodzian l'aparté bordeaux
    penoplasty aesthetic medicine doctor slodzian bordeaux

    Penoplasty to enlarge the penis

    Penis enlargement in Bordeaux is possible, and is called medical penoplasty in Bordeaux.

    Dr. Slodzian uses hyaluronic acid to enlarge the penis in Bordeaux. He specializes in medical penoplasty without surgery or general anesthesia, and holds a university certificate in genital aesthetic medicine.

    Glans enlargement

    Acorn augmentation in Bordeaux with hyaluronic acid injections has 2 advantages: it increases the volume of the glans and improves the duration of sexual intercourse by slightly reducing glans sensitivity.

    The use of hyaluronic acid in the treatment of premature men has been validated by medical studies. These studies validate both an average increase in the duration of the act and an improvement in the satisfaction of each partner.

    Bordeaux glans enlargement
    episiotomy scars l'aparté bordeaux

    Treating a painful episiotomy scar

    Painful episiotomy scars are treated by injectinghyaluronic acid into the scar and using intravaginal LED phototherapy.

    Hyaluronic acid will rehydrate the tissues, softening the scar. Red and yellow phototherapy will rework the scar. The cells produce elastic fibers and collagen. The result is a more supple, less painful scar.

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