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    Have you ever dreamed of no longer having to worry about hair on your legs? If so, laser hair removal is for you. Laser hair removal is virtually permanent (85% to 98% of hair is removed after a complete treatment). If you opt for this method, you won't have to suffer for hours with an electric epilator or wax. You'll get smooth, soft legs in every circumstance.

    Laser hair removal for legs Bordeaux

    How does laser hair removal work?

    Laser hair removal works by directing concentrated light onto hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the hair's pigmentation, destroying the follicle which is its manufacturing plant. If you would like more information on thelaser hair removalwe invite you to visit our dedicated page.

    Laser leg hair removal.

    Half legs

    At our cosmetic medicine center, we consider half-legs to be knee-length. This is because, generally speaking, the reason for having smooth half-legs is to be able to wear skirts or shorts at least above the knee.

    Compared to thighs, half-legs have thicker, darker hair. As a result, they are more likely to absorb laser light and be destroyed more easily.

    Whole legs

    Whole legs therefore include the thighs. The particularity of thigh hair is that it is generally finer and lighter, at least on the front. Laser treatment may be less effective, and some down may remain after a few sessions. However, there are areas on the inner and back of the thighs that can resemble a bikini line. These areas are stimulated by hormones, and the hair is thicker there, so the laser will be more effective.

    How to choose between laser hair removal for half and full legs?

    To determine whether you want laser hair removal for the whole leg or just the half-leg, the first question is to find out what your habits are. Indeed, if you never touch your thighs with a razor or wax, it means that deep down, these hairs don't bother you. In that case, opt for half-leg hair removal. If this is not the case, or if you have thick hair on the inner or back of your thighs, you should opt for laser hair removal of the whole leg.

    How long does a leg laser hair removal session last?

    The duration of a laser hair removal session depends on the size of the area to be treated. For half legs, a session can last around 20 minutes, while for full legs, the duration is 30 minutes. Allow a little more time if you're combining several areas, such as bikini line laser hair removal and/or underarm laser hair removal.

    How many sessions are required for full-leg laser hair removal?

    The number of sessions required for optimum results varies according to the density and color of your hair, but most people require between 6 and 10 sessions. What varies more, however, is the time interval between sessions. This is because hair cycles leg hair cycles are longest between 18 and 24 months. What's important for good results is the timing of the session. To optimize your results, you'll need to follow the protocol discussed during your consultation with the doctor. If you're having more than one area waxed, you may need to separate the sessions because of differences in cycles.

    When is the right season to start laser leg hair removal?

    The ideal time to start laser hair removal is winter or early autumn. This is to reduce the risk of burning. But also because for people with brown hair, hairs can tend to become blond in the sun, rendering the laser ineffective. On the other hand, for people with dark hair, it's perfectly possible to start in summer. In fact, at our center on rue Fondaudège in Bordeaux, we can perform laser hair removal on tanned skin, thanks to an Nd-YAG laserlaser, which can also be used forlaser hair removal on black skin. All you need to do is avoid the sun for 5 days before and after the session.

    Is laser leg hair removal painful?

    Generally speaking, laser hair removal from the legs is not pleasant. On the legs, the shins, calves and back of the thighs are the most sensitive areas, due to the thickness and density of the hair. But the pulsed cold air makes the treatment bearable. What's more, if the pain is too great, the power can be adapted. Bear in mind, however, that the lower the power, the less effective the laser is on fine hair, and the treatment may require more sessions. We are obviously very careful not to exceed a threshold that would cause laser burn.

    Prices for laser hair removal from the lower legs

    The price of laser leg hair removal varies depending on whether you're doing half legs, full legs or multiple areas.

    ZoneRateZones (examples of packages)Rate
    half-legs150 €bikini underarms half legs180 €
    thighs150 €bikini underarms full legs320 €
    whole legs280 €