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    You've all asked yourself the question at some point: what to do about those unwanted hairs in the bikini area ? The simplest and most effective solution isbikini laser hair removal. It's a long-lasting hair removal method that removes hair at the root, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free for a long time.

    bikini laser hair removal in Bordeaux

    Laser bikini hair removal, an effective technique for getting rid of hair

    Bikini hair is often a constant preoccupation for women. Indeed, beyond summer and swimsuits, undergarments are becoming more and more indented. What's more, while in the '80s the question didn't arise much, fashion has changed and bikini waxes have become more and more indented, right up to the full bikini line. So, for many women, getting a clean bikini wax is an issue. This means that the time devoted to waxing, whether at home or at the beautician's, takes up more and more of their busy schedules. The solution to this problem is laser bikini waxing.

    What's more, traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, razors or creams can be painful and lead to ingrown hairs. L'laser hair removalon the other hand, is a hair removal method that can virtually eliminate hair. It works by targeting hairs in their growth phase, destroying their follicle and preventing regrowth.

    Whether you opt for a classic bikini line, a scooped bikini line, a Brazilian bikini line or a full bikini line, laser hair removal can help you achieve the smooth, hair-free skin you desire. Laser hair removal can be used on many areas, including the bikini line, underarms, legs, face and more.

    Laser hair removal sessions: how does it work?

    What happens during a hair removal session at our office in downtown Bordeaux?

    Before the session :

    • As with all laser hair removal, you need to shave the area the day before. Indeed, for safe, effective laser hair removal, you need very short hairs. If you want a Brazilian bikini line, the ideal is not to shave what you want to keep as a pattern.
    • No exfoliation before the session.
    • No tanning in the week before the session.
    • No hair discoloration.

    During the session :

    • Each session generally lasts between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the type of bikini area and whether there are other areas such as underarms or legs. For optimum results, you should plan several sessions, with at least six weeks between each one.
    • During the session, your privacy and modesty are preserved as much as possible. You'll be covered and asked to remove only the bare minimum of clothing, and if there are other areas, you can put your clothes back on when an area is finished.

    After the session :

    • Some redness or pimples may appear. A healing cream will rapidly reduce the symptoms. These disappear spontaneously within 48 hours.
    • No sport for two days to avoid chafing and the risk of irritation.

    What type of swimsuit should I choose?

    There are several types and shapes of swimsuit. The choice depends on you and your habits. Many patients don't dare remove as much hair as they usually do. Ask yourself whether you want to spend time waxing or shaving after laser hair removal.

    The classic jersey

    This is the bikini area with the least indentation, with only the hair protruding from the briefs removed. This concerns the groin crease, the upper inner thigh and above the pubis.

    The low cut bikini

    It corresponds to an undergarment indentation such as a thong or tanga. The hair on the labia majora is not removed.

    Brazilian or semi-integral bikini line

    This is a depilation in which a shape is left on the pubis, be it a rectangle, line or triangle. It includes the labia majora. Semi-integral bikini waxing is also used when the entire bikini area and pubis are waxed, but not the labia majora.

    The full-body bikini

    As the name suggests, all hair is removed: from the roots of the thighs, the groin, the pubis and the labia majora. Please note that the labia may require more sessions than the pubis to permanently remove hair.

    Bikini laser hair removal: for whom?

    For all those who want to put an end to time-consuming waxing for good, but also want to eliminate ingrown hairs. Whether you have white or black skin. In fact, we have a high-quality laser that can also be used forlaser hair removal on black skin.

    However, there are a few limits beyond which the laser will not be effective:

    • White hairs: light is not absorbed.
    • Blond hairs: although they may look darker, they're often much lighter at the root. What's more, only the darker hairs are visible. Blond hairs, by contrast, are less visible, but will persist despite the number of sessions.

    When do we see the results?

    The results of bikini laser hair removal are visible fairly quickly. In fact, this is an area with a short short hair cyclewhich means rapid regrowth. Each session is therefore highly effective. The only difficulty is the labia majora. This is an area where the hair is deeper and more dependent on hormones. This may require more sessions. Note that laser hair removal permanently removes 85-98% of hair, not 100%.

    How much does bikini laser hair removal cost?

    Jersey typeRate
    Classic jersey50 € INCL. VAT
    Scalloped bikini line + gluteal cleavage included80 € INCL. VAT
    Integral bikini + iclus gluteal cleft100 € INCL. VAT
    TVA 20%

    Bikini laser hair removal can be included in a multi-zone package.