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    Laser hair removal is the only effective, long-lasting method for permanently eliminating 85% to 98% of your hair. As medical medical studiesit's a safe and effective method. Laser hair removal can be performed on both white and black skin, using the appropriate laser. Visible results are achieved in just a few sessions. Increasingly popular, the use of a laser for permanent hair removal is nonetheless a medical procedure due to the risk of burns. Your aesthetic doctor will be able to guide you towards a personalized protocol.

    Thanks to our expertise, we've developed a program based on hair physiology. This means we don't give you unnecessary sessions every 2 months, but treat your hair according to its growth rate. With us, you're a patient, not a client.

    Which laser for permanent hair removal?

    At our laser hair removal center in Bordeaux, we performpermanent hair removal using the latest-generation laser, Lutronic's Clarity II. It has a dual wavelength, alexandrite and nd/yag.

    This means we can laser hair removal for people with very fair skin, as well as black skin, in any season. So there's no need to take a break from laser hair removal in summer.

    How many sessions are needed for permanent hair removal?

    The number of laser hair removal sessions for permanent hair removal varies:

    • according to hair type ,
    • the area and whether or not it is hormone-dependent
    • phototype (skin color) and hair system.

    Laser hair removal for women.

    Laser hair removal for womenLaser hair removal for women requires 6 to 10 sessions for permanent hair removal. As the body regularly produces new hair, a maintenance session once a year may be necessary for the first 3 years.

    However, some areas, such as the bikini line, are hormone-dependent. So, for a complete bikini wax, the labia majora is the area that will be removed last. Some areas, such as the armpits, show rapid results and therefore require fewer sessions.

    Laser hair removal for men

    L'laser hair removal for men is slightly different. This is because hair, although thicker, absorbs laser light energy more effectively. What's more, almost all hair growth is influenced by testosterone, and hair density is higher.

    This means more sessions are needed. In fact, the effectiveness of the sessions depends on the phase the hair is in. The more hairs there are, the greater the risk that the hair is not in the right phase of the hair cycle. So you may need a few more sessions for optimum results.

    Our protocol.

    We know it's all about the number of laser sessions you do, because :

    • the sessions are not very pleasant, even if they are not really painful
    • it should cost you as little as possible

    As experts in permanent hair removal, we have adapted our protocol to minimize the number of sessions required. In fact, we focus on two factors:

    • We increase the power of our laser so that it is more effective and destroys more hair during the first sessions.
    • Our in-depth knowledge of the hair cycle and its physiology. That's why we've developed a specific protocol.
    • Care tailored to each individual

    Thanks to this set of practices, we don't multiply laser hair removal sessions unnecessarily. So there's :

    • fewer risks
    • fewer laser sessions
    • optimum efficiency

    What are the advantages of the alexandrite/YAG laser?

    • Painless hair removal.
    • Laser hair removallaser hair removal on black skin with the YAG laser.
    • Laser hair removal for all hair types, including the finest.
    • Hair removal for men and women.
    • Fine-tuned to each individual.
    • Small veins on the face and legs, such as spider veins or couperose, can also be removed, and pigmentation spots treated.

    How often do laser hair removal sessions take place in Bordeaux?

    The initial schedule is 2 laser hair removal sessions spaced 1 month apart, followed by a third session 2 months after the last, as an attack treatment. Thereafter, the frequency of sessions is determined by regrowth, which varies according to the area.

    So it's not uncommon to have different sessions for different zones. For example, one session for the full bikini area and then one for the full legs, even if these were treated simultaneously at the outset. This is to adapt to each area and each person.

    Laser for permanent hair removal

    How does laser hair removal work?

    The laser's target is the hair's melanin, the pigment that gives it its color. The melanin absorbs the light and transforms it into heat, destroying the hair follicle at the root.

    Only hairs in the growth phase are destroyed, but in the same area, hairs can be found in all 3 phases of the hair cycle. Only 10 to 30% of hairs are in the anagen phase, the growth phase. It therefore takes several sessions to reach the hair follicles in the growth phase. After the session, the hair emerges and falls out on its own.

    Course of a laser hair removal session

    Before laser hair removal :

    • Shave hair the day before or the same day.
    • Do not use tweezers, wax or depilatory cream.
    • No sun exposure 1 week before and after the session.
    • Do not bleach hair before sessions.

    During the session :

    • the laser is passed over the areas to be depilated
    • pulsed cold air cools the area and reduces pain

    After the session :

    • Appearance of redness, which quickly disappears. The appearance of small red dots is a normal phenomenon; it's the hair follicles reacting.

    The main risk of laser hair removal is burns. The doctor will explain the signs of this during the consultation. If a spot appears, contact the doctor as soon as possible. There are treatments that limit the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation spots.

    What are the risks of laser hair removal?

    The main risks are :

    • Burns: burns are rare. If you find one, contact us to arrange treatment.
    • Depigmentation: also very rare. It disappears with the first tan.
    • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation spots. They appear if laser treatment is performed on irritated skin, or if skin irritation occurs immediately after a laser session. This side effect is treated with other lasers.
    • Side effects such as redness, swelling or itching are often temporary and disappear after a few days.

    Multi-zone package prices for permanent laser hair removal

    Bikini line + SIF + armpits100 €Maillot + SIF + half-legs100€
    Half-legs + armpits150 €Bikini underarms half legs200 €
    Bikini line + SIF + whole legs290€Bikini line + underarms + buttocks + whole legs330 €
    Upper back + shoulders 180 €Full back (bottom + top) from €200
    Torso + stomach 250 €Full back + shoulders280 €
    Torso + stomach + whole back350 €

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    How much does laser hair removal cost?

    The cost of laser hair removal varies according to area and surface. Rates per session start from €40 per session for an area such as the lips or chin, and go up to €390 per session for a complete torso + stomach + entire back.

    On average, 6 to 10 sessions are required for complete, high-quality hair removal.

    Visit our pricing page to find out more about prices according to your needs.

    What is the right age for laser hair removal?

    When it comes to laser hair removal, it's important to distinguish between men and women. For the hair bulb to be destroyed, the hair present must be mature. It must therefore be thick and dark enough for the laser light to reach its target: the bulb at the base of the hair.

    For women, we consider that laser hair removal is possible from the age of 20 - 25, depending on the stage of puberty. The hormonal impact is an important factor to take into account in the development of hair growth. 

    As for men, the average age for starting laser hair removal is around 30. In the case of men, hormonal maturity is also important, because if it is not reached during the first sessions, there is a significant risk that new hair will grow and that further sessions will be necessary. 

    When is the best time for laser hair removal?

    The best time for laser hair removal is after the summer! Once the tan has faded, the melanin in the skin diminishes and laser hair removal is finally feasible.

    Another point to bear in mind is the risk of burns after laser hair removal. That's why the end-of-year months, which are generally less sunny, are more suitable for laser hair removal.

    How can I get reimbursed for permanent hair removal?

    In some cases, permanent laser hair removal can be reimbursed, but only if a specialist has identified a certain pathology that is detrimental to the patient's social life and self-confidence. 

    In other circumstances, permanent hair removal may not be reimbursed by health insurance.

    Is laser hair removal painful?

    Laser hair removal involves destroying the hair deep down, burning the hair root. Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable, and sometimes a little painful, depending on the type of skin you have (thin or thick) and the thickness of the hair. 

    However, the perception of pain is unique to each individual.

    Your questions

    • Carine

      Hello Doctor, my legs are still tanned but I haven't been in the sun for about 15 days. When can I resume my laser hair removal sessions? What is the cost of a laser hair removal session for the whole leg, knowing that I've already had 4 laser hair removal sessions at another center. Thank you very much!

      October 16, 2023
    • Shaïna

      Hello Doctor, does laser hair removal on very dark skin really work? I'm hesitant to try laser hair removal, but I'm afraid that since I have dark skin, it won't work. Do you have a high-performance laser hair removal machine? If not, where would you advise me to go in Bordeaux for laser hair removal on matt skin?

      October 16, 2023
    • Jennyfer

      Hello Doctor, if I start laser hair removal now, will I have finished all the sessions by May? I'm getting married in May and I want to look flawless. A friend of mine recommended that I come to you for laser hair removal. Thank you

      October 20, 2023

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