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    Hair loss affects both men and women.
    In most cases, hair loss is due to hormones and heredity. Certain so-called environmental factors (stress, pollution, poor diet) also have a negative effect on hair follicles and therefore hair. Hair becomes dry and brittle, and hair loss is accelerated.
    These phenomena are also observed after childbirth or in the aftermath of stressful events that put the body to a severe test.

    Dr. Slodzian is available in Bordeaux to discuss the treatments available to strengthen your scalp.

    How to strengthen, prevent and slow hair loss?

    Thanks to a protocol combining mesotherapy and phototherapy LED phototherapy.
    We use antioxidant active ingredients and hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid with a specific formulation. This combination has a synergistic action.
    The scalp is rehydrated and nourished, while subcutaneous metabolism is stimulated. This dual action not only recruits new hair follicles and boosts hair growth, but also makes hair stronger.
    This slows hair loss and restores strength and shine.

    hair treatment doctor slodzian l'aparté bordeaux

    How many sessions are needed to sustainably improve hair quality and slow down hair loss?

    You need 1 session every 2 weeks and a minimum of 6 sessions to see significant improvement and regrowth.
    Ideally, a maintenance session once a month or a group of 3 sessions twice a year.

    What are the indications?

    Early-stage alopecia.
    After pregnancy to stimulate hair regrowth
    Winter to keep hair shiny

    It's a scientifically proven protocol proven.

    hair treatment doctor slodzian l'aparté bordeaux

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