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    What are absorbable tensor threads?

    Absorbable tensor threads are a revolutionary advance in aesthetic medicine in Bordeaux. These threads, often made from natural materials such as polylactic acid, are inserted under the skin to stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity. They are used to treat moderate to medium skin laxity and signs of aging, providing a non-surgical facelift with natural results.

    How many tensor threads should I use?

    A good start is to apply 3 tensor threads per side. This helps to lift nasolabial folds, bitterness folds and jowls. The face is thus naturally lifted without surgery and without scars behind the ears. The oval of the face is redefined.

    How do absorbable tensor threads work?

    Absorbable tensor threads work in two stages. Firstly, they offer an immediate lifting effect, redefining facial contours and improving the oval of the face. Secondly, they stimulate the body's natural production of collagen, resulting in a gradual and lasting improvement in the skin's appearance.

    During the procedure, tensor threads are inserted under the skin using a micro-cannula. Once in place, they act as scaffolding to support sagging, loose tissue. By stimulating collagen production, they reinforce the skin's structure, giving it a firmer, more toned appearance.

    The small, imperceptible notches pull and support the sagging parts of the face. It's this action that creates the lifting effect.

    The advantages of resorbable tensor threads in Bordeaux


    1. Natural results: Absorbable tensor threads offer natural, harmonious results. They do not change the shape of the face, but rather restore the youthfulness and firmness lost over time.
    2. No added volume: Tensor threads don't add volume, but rather restore volume that has sagged, such as the cheekbones responsible for the nasolabial folds and the pockets of fat responsible for the bitterness folds and jowls.
    3. Non-invasive procedure: Unlike traditional cosmetic surgery, the insertion of absorbable tightening threads does not require a major incision or prolonged recovery time. This is an outpatient procedure performed in a medical practice in Bordeaux.
    4. Immediate lifting effect: Absorbable tensor threads provide an immediate lifting effect, enabling patients to see a significant improvement in their appearance immediately after the procedure.
    5. Long-lasting results: By stimulating natural collagen production, resorbable tightening threads in Bordeaux offer long-lasting results over time. The effects continue to improve with each passing week, and can last up to 1-2 years.
    6. Safety: Absorbable tensor threads are made from biocompatible materials that dissolve naturally in the body over time. They have been extensively tested and are considered safe when used by qualified professionals. They are the same materials as the sutures used in surgical operations. Safety is therefore an important consideration.
    Procedure for the placement of tensor threads by Dr Slodzian in Bordeaux

    Procedure in Bordeaux

    The procedure for applying absorbable tensor threads generally involves several stages:

    1. Initial consultation: Your Bordeaux aesthetic doctor will assess your general state of health, discuss your expectations and provide you with all the necessary information about the procedure.
    2. Preparation: Before the procedure, your skin will be cleansed and a local anesthetic administered to ensure your comfort throughout.
    3. Thread insertion: Dr. Slodzian gently inserts absorbable tensor threads under the skin using a micro-cannula. The threads are then adjusted to achieve the desired lifting effect.
    4. Recovery: After the procedure, you can resume your normal activities, but it is advisable to avoid strenuous exercise and excessive sun exposure for a few days. Small bruises may appear at the thread insertion points. These usually disappear within a few days.
    5. Follow-up: Dr. Slodzian will provide you with detailed post-procedure instructions and schedule follow-up consultations to ensure that you are recovering properly and that the results are in line with your expectations.

    Choosing a qualified practitioner in Bordeaux

    It's essential to choose an aesthetic physician for the resorbable tightening thread procedure in Bordeaux. A skilled professional will be able to assess your specific needs, advise you on the best options for achieving your aesthetic goals, and guarantee a safe procedure.

    Choosing the right practitioner in Bordeaux for tensor threads

    What areas are treated by tensor threads in Bordeaux?

    The areas treated by tensor threads are :

    • Nasolabial folds
    • The oval of the face by pulling on the jowls
    • Bitter folds on the sides of the mouth.

    Combination treatments.

    The use of absorbable tensor threads does not exclude hyaluronic acid injections. In fact, the combination of the 2 treatments enables them to be optimized. The best possible results are obtained while limiting the quantities of hyaluronic acid injected, for an ever more natural result.

    They can also be combined with other treatments to optimize results in terms of improving skin quality. Lase®, spot treatment with pulsed light, resurfacing with Morpheus 8, peels...

    Is it painful?

    How long do the effects of tensor threads last?


    The effect of tensor threads lasts approximately 1 year. The threads are resorbed in 3 to 4 months. After this year, it is perfectly possible to reapply tensor threads, but thanks to collagen production, fewer will be needed as the previous ones will have had their effect.


    In conclusion, resorbable tensor threads are an effective solution for regaining a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. In Bordeaux, these threads offer natural, long-lasting results and a non-invasive procedure to meet the expectations of appearance-conscious patients. By choosing a qualified and experienced aesthetic physician, you can benefit from all the advantages this innovative technique has to offer. Don't hesitate to book a consultation to find out how absorbable tightening threads can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and regain your self-confidence.

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