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    The skin on our face is the marker of our history. In fact, the sun, pollution and tobacco attack our skin, causing blemishes such as sun spots or melasma. Redness can also appear, such as couperose or small vessels, which can be treated with high-intensity pulsed light, for example. Then there are the scars from acne or surgery.

    Prices for the various methods and indications are given as a guide only. A consultation is necessary to establish a precise diagnosis. Dr. Slodzian will then propose a treatment plan precisely tailored to your needs and constraints.

    First consultation with aesthetic medicine

    Diagnostic consultation and protocol: 50 euros.

    The initial consultation is compulsory, as it enables the doctor to establish a diagnosis and propose a protocol adapted to your needs. It also enables any contraindications to be eliminated. It is deducted from the cost of treatments starting at 350.

    Morpheus 8 price list :

    Facial slackening: between 180 and 350 euros per session, depending on the area.

    Wrinkled upper lip: 180 euros per session

    Double chin: 180 euros per session

    Neck: 200 euros per session

    Treatment of acne scars: 250 per session

    Treatment of skin blemishes:


    From superficial to medium peels, they can improve skin quality and diminish certain spots. They require 15 days of skin preparation and 1 session every 15 days. Note that medium peels require 4 to 10 days of social eviction due to desquamation.

    Fruit acid peel 120 euros per session (4 sessions)

    TCA peel: 180 euros per session (4 sessions)

    Average peel: €450 (1 session)

    Le lase®:

    This laser does not cause prolonged social exclusion. It effectively combats sun spots, melasma and pregnancy mask.

    • lase® between 200 and 300 euros per session, depending on the indication. 3 to 4 sessions on average, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. Possible in summer. Possible on all skin tones.

    Lumeca high-intensity pulsed light

    Treatment of blemishes on more mature skin, it has an indication for certain types of blemishes.

    • High-intensity pulsed light session: 200 euros per session.

    Treatment of acne scars:

    The treatment of acne scars is complex and can often require the use of several techniques

    • Morpheus 8,250 euros per session (4 sessions +1 session free)
    • Lase MD 250 euros per session (4 sessions)
    • Combined Morphéus8 + Lase® treatment +/- other technique depending on type of scar: on quotation.

    Treatment of active acne.

    Treatment depends on the type of acne and previous treatments.

    All treatments can be combined and integrated into a treatment plan spanning several months.
    Prices are indicative and subject to variation depending on the estimate, complexity and extent of the areas to be treated.
    Preparing to age well is now.
    Prices include 20% VAT.

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