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      In aesthetic medicine, requests for décolleté rejuvenation are increasingly frequent. Fashions come and go, but décolleté skin seems to last forever. Yet the skin of the décolleté is very thin. It marks very quickly if we're not careful. This area is prone to ageing and skin slackening more quickly than the face.

      Biorevitalization with PRX T-33 is a medical-aesthetic treatment that can be used on a wide range of areas. What is PRX T-33? PRX T-33 is a new injection-free topical biorevitalization technique, formulated with a unique combination of trichloroacetic acid (TCA), hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) and kojic acid. This combination rapidly penetrates the dermis through skin massage and

      80% of women and men worldwide suffer from acne at least once in their lives. Of these, 20% suffer from moderate to severe forms. Often present in adolescence, it sometimes persists into adulthood and is the most common skin disease. A source of discomfort for sufferers, in some cases it can lead to social exclusion. But how to prevent acne

      Along with the face, hands are the first victims of external aggression. We often expose them to the sun without protection, we wash them several times a day, they may come into contact with caustic products or detergents... In short, we attack them. Yet these hands, which we don't necessarily take much care of, play a very important social role. In fact, we