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      Phototherapy, or light therapy, is sometimes described as "magic" because of its many applications and benefits. However, in medicine, there's no such thing as magic, and the indications for LED phototherapy have been validated by a growing number of scientific studies. What is phototherapy? It's a form of light therapy, also abbreviated as LED, because it emits light in a very short time.

    Mesolift in Bordeaux Mesolift in Bordeaux is a tightening of the skin using mesotherapy. In other words, there's no operation and no scar. It takes its name from its mesotherapy origins. The effects of mesolift. The effects are most visible after the 3rd session, even if a tightening effect is already visible after the first session. Tightening effect Complexion

    What is preventive aesthetic medicine? I often talk about this "concept", so I'll clarify what I mean here. The aim of preventive aesthetic medicine is to gain years by slowing down the appearance of the signs of passing time, such as wrinkles, spots, dullness... One of the approaches I'm developing is to turn the problem on its head: how to avoid aging, rather than how to prevent it.